Professional Services

Health IT, consulting, Sage Life Technologies
Whether you are just getting started with your Health IT project or you are considering making some changes, our team of professionals will help you with more than just the technical aspects of change. Our ability to listen and understand your needs allows us to help you find solutions that work best for you.

Consulting Services: Our team conducts a thorough needs assessment and then designs a system solution — helping you select the right products, tools and services. We provide installation and offer ongoing technical support and assistance to keep things running smoothly.

System Integration: If you already have a system and wish to be connected to larger systems or expand current services, our team can assist with software development and support to enable such integration.

Business Change Management: Utiizing a new technology often changes the way you conduct your business. We not only understand this, we offer consultants who help you effectively manage this change so that your delivery of care is not disrupted.

Training and Education: Often the hardest thing about implementing a new technology is not the technology itself, but training the users. Our staff will tailor educational programs to meet your needs.