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Welcome to Sage Life Technologies, a Health IT consulting company, and home of SageMinder Care Calls. Care Calls are a unique service designed to mainstream home monitoring and improve outcomes for seniors with chronic conditions.

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SageMinder Care Calls:
Sageminder is the next generation of health care technology, enabling people with chronic conditions to extend their independence and health. This service is unique in that it does not require any new equipment, and Care Calls are designed to be managed specifically by the family caregiver. Developed through collaboration with researchers at Penn State University, medical professionals, and PA Area on Aging organizations, Care Calls are currently being sold directly to consumers through our full service, award-winning family caregiver website.

The family caregiver is the most likely to need help managing a loved one’s care, and often the most overlooked person in the long-term care system. Caregivers play a vital role in the health and care management of people with chronic conditions. Sage is committed to providing tools, like the SageMinder, to support the caregiver.

Professional Services:
Sage Life Technologies provides consulting, technical assistance, system integration, and training for establishing or upgrading Health IT programs in a variety of health care settings.