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Better Outcomes and Peace of Mind

SageMinder Care Calls are the next generation of health technology tools that connect patients and improve self management of chronic illness. SageMinder is a preventative tool that prompts loved ones to follow their medication and health management plans while tracking their self-reported responses. It alerts family caregivers if and when they need to intervene. Monitoring and reminder systems, like SageMinder Care Calls, directly improve health outcomes. SageMinder extends benefits to family caregivers, by performing the important, yet tedious, task of providing reminder calls throughout the day to a loved one.

Instead of just treating health problems episodically, the SageMinder is a proactive system allowing for three levels of intervention: 1) Providing structure for the patient to consistently follow their home-care regimen, 2) Engaging the family caregiver to oversee care and intervene as necessary, and 3) Escalating to professional care as needed.

Care Calls provide family caregivers a simple and convenient way to set reminders for a loved one.

  • One time and recurring reminders
  • Interactive phone dialogs
  • Family Caregiver is notified by text or email in real time of each call

To learn more or to purchase SageMinder Care Calls, visit us at www.sageminder.com

Our Focus is the Family Caregiver