Family Caregiver
“Despite the wealth of services they provide, and in spite of their staggering number, family caregivers continue to be the most neglected group of the health- and long-term care system.” (National Family Caregivers Association, 2004)

The Family Caregiver

The role of caregiver is challenging. And few people understand the needs of caregivers until they are placed in that role themselves. At Sage Life Technologies, our goal is to provide effective tools to make that role easier.

In the next few decades, caregivers will be an important part of helping our aging population. It is often the caregiver who is the most consistent part of a personís life as he navigates our increasingly complex healthcare system. It is also true that caregivers are at risk for decreased physical and emotional health because of the sometimes overwhelming and demanding job of taking care of the people they love.

Support programs, respite, and education are important tools to help caregivers. SageMinder.com is a great place for caregivers to find a supportive community and for caregiver tips and resources.

Care Calls can also ease the workload and offer peace of mind and structure to caregiving tasks. Care Calls are easy to set up online and offer an affordable way to help you manage the care of a senior you love. While demanding, taking care of a loved one is one of the most loving and rewarding things you can do. Sage Life Technologies is working to ease the demands so you can focus on your relationship with the person you love.