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Chronic Condition Management

Traditionally, our health care system is “reactive,” meaning that when a person becomes ill, they go to the doctor or the hospital for treatment. With more people living longer, we are seeing more ongoing conditions that are simply not best served by this reactive model.

A new system is emerging that is more proactive and preventative to handle the management and care of chronic diseases. Such a system is focused on self-management in the home setting rather than episodic care in a hospital or health care setting. Services such as patient education, check-in phone calls, medication dispensers, and in-home monitoring are showing promising results.

This is believed to be not only better for patients, but also likely to reduce health care costs. Several research studies have been conducted to determine what kind of care management systems will reduce preventable hospital admissions and improve health outcomes. Home monitoring systems traditionally managed by home health agencies have shown a consistent 40% reduction in hospitalization rates.

SageMinder is designed to be managed by the family caregiver, who is often the person most consistently involved with the care recipient over time. However, Care Calls are compatible with and customizable to work with a variety of care coordination services allowing those organizations to communicate to the patients, provide educational content, manage reminders for medication and activities of daily living, and receive vital information from the patient. Contact us for more information about such customization.